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Fleur de Lis and Maple Leaves
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I’ll be honest, this is one of my favorite sketches.

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You probably don’t want this, but I was messing around and wrote your name and I liked it and I was like “what am I going to do with this?” so I’m giving it to you. 
P-Please enjoy. >w>


You probably don’t want this, but I was messing around and wrote your name and I liked it and I was like “what am I going to do with this?” so I’m giving it to you. 

P-Please enjoy. >w>

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Hetalia fanfic where all the characters keep referring to this twisted king in the north with violet eyes and loyal siblings and maybe even a captive lover from the east and all the readers are like, “Ugh, here comes big bad Russia”

But then


It’s revealed the king is Canada. Alfred and Arthur defend his crumbling empire. Any nation to the east of Canada can be his lover (I’m sure you can all guess who I would pick, but literally almost anyone would work). 

Like holy shit wouldn’t that be a great twist. I’d read the shit out of that fanfic.

A Brief History of the Northern Lands, Chapter 10: The Bear-King (by la Comtesse Vivian de Raconteur)

He’s made a deal with the devil, whispers one soldier in the tavern, that’s how his empire’s so big.

No, he’s a demon himself, says another, and he ran the devil’s armies before he came to earth. Only way he could whip farm boys into warriors.

He’s got power over ice spirits, is what, says a mercenary, and that’s why every attack got froze by a blizzard in the mountains. I was there - bitterest winter I’d ever seen…

In five short years, the king of the north - known to some as the Demon-King, known to his own people as the Bear-King - had transformed his homeland from a country written off as “some backwater nation” to a major force on the continent. His own name, once forgotten, could bring world leaders to a pause; his army became equally known for their hardiness and fierceness.

Truth be told, many of his military successes wouldn’t have been possible without the aid of his cousins, but the internal reforms of the government, society, and army were entirely his doing. In fairness, the achievements of the former would not have been possible without the benefits of the latter. (Who did what hardly mattered to opposing soldiers, of course - all they needed to know is that facing the Northern Army meant almost certain doom.)

In an effort to explain the effect the king had on his country, this chapter concerns the personal and political history of the venerable King Matthew, of the House of Williams.

[[ I had some fun with the last name of the author - raconteur is French for “storyteller!” ]]

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It’s like it called out to you or something. 

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Wooooooow, how your efforts have been rewarded with two eyes and a…um…mustachioed fiend? I’m not quite sure…^^;

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Pick a number between 1 and 108 and I’ll post the corresponding sketch filed away on my computer.

Note: Some are of better quality than others.


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Hey, my lazy-ass best friend finally got her butt up and made a tumblr so that she can bother me, so you should all bother her by following her.

iammomo17 <—- That’s her (anyone who knows her in real life will recognize her right away with a losername like that ;))

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I’m gonna change you like a remixThen I’ll raise you like a phoenix
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I honestly think people forget that the church and state are supposed to be separate. Give me one non-religious reason against same sex marriage. One non-religious reason against stem cell research. One non-religious reason against safe abortions. Go ahead.

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"Wanna walk home together?"


"Wanna walk home together?"

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