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Fleur de Lis and Maple Leaves

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Anonymousasked, "hey what's wrong? :( are you going to be okay?"

Aw, I’m fine. No need to worry, anon. I just got hit by mother nature and then my own stupidity. I just needed a little cheering up, and my followers have been nice enough to give it to me! ^w^

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alfredfjonesingasked, "i have the headcanon that canada's an early riser but france likes to sleep in so every morning when canada tries to get up france clings to him and whines for him to stay and cuddle bc it's so warmmm"

Are you reading my thoughts because that is one of the headcanons I believe in so fiercely I forget it isn’t the truth. 

All I need in life is late-sleeper France and early-riser Canada with sleepy cuddles in between. 

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They try to outdo each other on Valentine’s Day with the cheesiest, most adorable things. Like, hiding multiple hand-made cards all over the house

From moriartys-mischief-managed

See, now that’s just adorable. Think of all the wasted paper those two dummies would go through, and maybe there’s just so much stuff in the house that they forget everything they’ve hidden so, like, two months later they find other lovey-dovey stuff and the love just never ends.


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I know this is going to sound whiny, but I’ve had a pretty poopy weekend, so would you guys consider anonymously sending me some Franada headcanons to help me out? P-Please?

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"You’re the pretty twinkle star i’ve been blinking at."

they’re so so far from each other but then Alfred’s like screw that and jumped into a deadly black hole and warp to where Arthur is. Yeay.

Twinkle twinkle little star,

How I wonder what you are.

Arthur was a lonely little twinkle star. For as long as he had been and for as long as he could remember, he had drifted in the speckled miasma of space, shinning his light along with the thousands of stars that dotted the night sky. While he found their glow pleasant, they offered little heat, and were hardly what one would call “companions”. They were, to him and those that could observe them from afar, mere balls of burning gas, flickering until the time came for them to inevitably run out. However, Arthur’s never did. He’d watched literally millions of stars fall down to the planets below him, and often times on his loneliest of nights, he wished to join them.

Up above the world so high

Like a diamond in the sky.

It was as obvious to Arthur as it must have been to any creature who laid eyes on him that he was different. For his radiance was not the pale white and yellows of his kin, it was a stunning green. A green that was the mixture of the fluorescent ice rings of Neptune and vibrancy of streaking comet tails, glittering at its ends with dustings of purest silver. He felt, that if the lesser lights around him could say anything at all, surely they would expound on the brilliance of his color.

When the blazing sun is gone

When he nothing shines upon

Then you show your little light.

Twinkle twinkle all the night.

Yet even Arthur could not compare to marvel that he spotted one night. Across the void, across light years of separation the shimmering being did not dare imagine, there had appeared another. Blue like the grandest rising of Neptune along its pathway around the sun. Blue like the spiral galaxies swirling infinitely in their incomprehensible majesty. He could barely believe his ancient eyes: this light was like his own. There he sat adrift, cautious yet yearning for this supposed illusion to be real. Suddenly, as if in response to his prayers, the other’s form had flickered and burned, pulsating its expansive array in rapid succession. Arthur as taken aback; was the sapphire star communicating with him? With a lack of twinkle stars to converse with, he feared he would be a bit rusty, but his desire to respond to the other outweighed his hesitation. Concentrating, he closed his eyes, allowing his entire body to transform itself into a beacon, signaling to all within his range his presence, signaling to the other his desperation of recognition. When he opened his eyes, the space around him had grown dark, perhaps humbled by his blinding display. Still he watched, the Blue Star never leaving his gaze. It was then a rush of warmth the likes he had never felt before in all his years of suspended life came flowing from the tip of his toes to the top of his head. The Blue Star blinked back. 

Then the traveler in the dark

Thanks you for your tiny spark,

He could not see which way to go.

If you did not twinkle so.

For centuries, the two twinkle stars winked throughout the night at one another. The Blue Star would signal first, and Arthur would glisten enthusiastically in return. Together the two had designed their own way of speaking, relearning and inviting the words that beings such as they had used millennia before them. Flits of light here for a greeting, longer pauses to express their mood, not to mention the occasional battle to out-shine one another. For a time, Arthur’s time was happy one, yet all the same he longed for something that he could reach, a light he could feel. The pale blue entity, however reassuring it might have been to know, remained a vast distance away. Over all this time, Arthur had come to love this Blue Star, his twinkling twin. So, when one night he looked the way of his partner and saw but a barren sky, his heart sank. He frantically searched the sky around him, flashing in every direction. Panic struck the great star  when he realized that no one returned his call. He was a lonely little twinkle once more.

As your bright and tiny spark,

Lights the traveler in the dark.

Though I know not what you are,

Arthur allowed himself to aimlessly wander in the darkness, pulling so far inwards he felt he could collapse any second. Amidst the sparkles of star dust that surrounded his aura, plasma-like orbs of tears bubbled above his head. His Blue Star was gone. His bright and tiny spark had faded into the nothingness like all those who’d come before. What reason was there for a creature like himself to continue such a dreadful cycle of resurrection and loss? Covering his face among the tendrils of his rays, he wept. In his sorrow, he failed to sense another’s presence until the glint of blue caught his attention. His head jerked, struck by the gaze of the most astounding azure palette in all the cosmos.

“So, you’re the pretty twinkle star I’ve been blinking at.”

The other spoke, golden follicles alight with the intensity of his smile.

“I travelled through the darkest reaches of space to find you, my little star.”

Arthur, unblinking, studied every feature of his Blue Star’s face, every particle of spectrum gravitating about him. Tentatively he reached towards the other, doubting his eyes no longer when a hand met him and clasped his own.  In that moment, the area around them was draped in the beauty of  their combined lights, a blending of blue and green that would make Andromeda jealous.  

“Now we can twinkle together.”

Twinkle twinkle, little star.

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I hope I haven’t miscategorized.

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You know. To finish off my Francis kick. Back when I used interesting textures. The good days.


You know. To finish off my Francis kick. Back when I used interesting textures. The good days.

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